A tool to predict spontaneous preterm birth, incorporating fetal fibronectin and cervical length, in symptomatic women and high-risk asymptomatic women



This Privacy Policy covers the collection, use, protection and non-disclosure of user-submitted information, and analytics information, for this app and website.

Why information is collected

Information is collected to help inform the app developer and King’s College London Women’s Health Academic Division as to how improvements can be made to deliver better functionality to suit the user group.

What information is collected

You can also choose to submit feedback and other information via this website's Contact page. It is expected that information collected is from professionals over the age of 18 years only. Other standard analytics information is collected via Google Analytics. No other data is collected or visible to the app developer; data you enter within the app for the purpose of calculation, or the results generated, cannot be collected and are only visible to you on your device. Please do not submit any patient-identifiable information via the app.

How the information is used

Information that you choose to submit about your institution may be reviewed by the app developer and/or King’s College London Women’s Health Academic Division to consider the environments in which the app is being used and help improve the app to suit user professional contexts. By providing your email address, you agree to receiving email correspondence from the app developer, offering you the opportunity to give feedback. Google Analytics may be accessed by the app developer to better understand how the app is being utilised to inform on further improvements to the app.

How the information is stored and protected

The aforementioned collected information is securely stored within a Google Analytics account. The app developer reserves the right to delete any or all of the information from these accounts at anytime without informing respective users.

Non-disclosure of information

Your email address, if you supply it or contact the app developer from it, will not be shared with any third-parties. App analytics data is not affected by this Privacy Policy. All information stored in Google Analytics accounts are accessible only to the app developer, and may be visible to any contracted technical team outsourced for servicing the app, for the duration of their input.

Privacy policy updates

The app developer may update this Privacy Policy and any changes will become effective upon posting of the modified Policy, obtainable via the app's website. Questions or comments about this Privacy Policy can be made via email by selecting the app's Feedback option in Information.